Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday MM

Here is the text from an e-mail regarding the snow days and payroll implications.

For the first time in many years in Forsyth County, tomorrow will be school closed for students, but an optional workday for all employees that follow the teacher calendar. First I will describe the calendar implications, followed by the payroll implications.

February 3 will become an Rs day, by moving the June 14 Rs day (which had already moved from June 10) to February 3
March 29 becomes a student attendance day
June 14 becomes the Rc day that was originally scheduled for March 29 (decision to be made later if the day remains reserved for central staff development)

As an Rs day, all salaried employees tied to the teacher calendar should either work tomorrow, take an elective annual leave day, or take a day without pay if they do not have or will not earn enough elective annual leave days. That includes all licensed employees who do not work 12 months, teacher assistants, home-school coordinators, 10-month housekeepers, and all other classified employees who do not work 12 months. It is like any other non-Holiday for 12-month employees. Of course, if any employee has a condition/event tomorrow that qualifies for the use of sick leave, that employee may be absent using sick leave.

Hourly-paid employees tied to the student attendance calendar will not work tomorrow, including bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and temporary duty-free/planning time assistants. They will instead work the student make-up day on March 29.

Please consolidate questions from your school and contact your payroll specialist as necessary.

See you all in the faculty meeting at 2pm in the media center.

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