Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Still wet here and the ice is starting to melt. Our custodians are working on creating paths to all mobile units. When we return to school we must increase our level of supervision to avoid accidents. We have all watch students stomp their foot in the middle of a puddle just because it is there. So, we must use all our PBS pre-corrections great supervision to preserve the health and well-being of our students. Cold and wet kids are typically more challenging to engage in academic pursuits.

If needed we have a two hour delay schedule created that affords each student 25 minutes with a specialist. On all two hour delays we expect all students to report to class at 9:50 with full teacher supervision. All PLC and Extended Planning sessions will occur between 8:00 and 9:30 on the delay morning.

Speaking of morning routines, the new BRUNSON LIVE debuts this week in the morning! Members of MTAC went over the expectations for each classroom teacher and all students during this school-wide event. I have adjusted all specials by five minutes to allow for each and every member of our school to watch and learn. This new schedule is posted on the shared drive in the staff share schedules folder. It is named, Spring 2010 Revised Schedule.

My current thinking on Report cards is to delay packets until Thursday and do an alert now message to communicate with parents. This is dependent on our being in school on Wednesday, so it is still tentative.

I have a joint principals meeting at Central office today at 1pm but Mariela and the custodians are here until 4pm if you need anything. Please call first if you come over as they keep the building secure.

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