Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday MM

Good Morning! A few reminders and info for you! Please be sure to get the Packets stuffed with important info and sent home today!

9:50 PLEASE be outside your classroom and specifically your MOBILE as there are still slick areas. We must supervise all students and ensure their safe passage to the mobile units.

10:20 NEW Brunson Live! Please start to make this an important part of each day. Model Good listening and set an example for our students to follow.

10:30 Specials begin and lunch soon follows. there will be no duty free lunch on 2-hour delay days. We also need to avoid the playground due to the wet and icy conditions.

11:30 PTA board meeting in the media center

After-school we have SES tutorial.

The following is a portion of an e-mail from Dr. Martin regarding the "bill" for computers.

"Since Betty has figured out how to automatically shut down all computers at 8:00 pm our electricity losses will soon be minimized. We still need to work on developing the habit of turning off computers when we leave work.

All that being said, I want to rescind the "Bills" and hence the charges to staff members. In a stressful year, this will just be another upsetting issue to many teachers. In the big scheme of things it is what Jim Wilhelm would label a "skinny rabbit." Any money that you have collected from staff should be returned to staff or you could ask them if they would like to contribute to future technology purchases in your school. The report you were given should give you the information that you need to identify those teachers who have repeatedly left their computers on overnight - this needs to be brought to their attention. We will continue to monitor each month and hopefully new habits will form. If this practice continues, then this issue will have to be documented like any other failure to follow reasonable rules."

Thanks for being here today and everyday. What we do is important and vital to the betterment of our society.

Some staff are observing RTI at Sparta Elementary today.
Linda Transou for Venice Hailstock
Doris Davis for Janet Gauss
Rosemary Hazy for Kim Mason
Janet Van Swearingen for Tanya Lovin
Mary Leyendecker for Deb Fidali
No sub for Karon Kiger

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