Friday, January 22, 2010

Reflections on Restructuring

The underlying concept of our transformation must be based on;

Nothing changes unless teaching and learning changes.

The next step then is, HOW do we generate positive substantive change in the behaviors of our staff regarding instructional practice? Dr. Johnson sent the message that REAL change is not possible without a clearly defined sense of purpose.

"Schools that achieve dramatic differences in results are DRIVEN - not to avoid sanctions - but to improve student's lives. Teachers, administrators and support staff are unified in purpose; They will CREATE learning environments that lead every student to success in school and life."

I have personally been unsuccessful in my efforts to shape our mission. We started the school year with a faculty meeting that framed our year with an essential question, "What do we want for our student's?" Now 6 months later that question has left my conversation and I am back in default mode where I make small changes and my objective to to keep the peace. Which translates to Staus Quo or NO Change.

I do not want you to judge my leadership by this blog, but by my actions which must reflect a passion to change myself. I need to be intentional and focus on the following purpose/mission

What do we want for our student's is defined;
1. On or above grade level
2. Respectful
3. Responsible
4. Reflective

The new Questions that will I will passionately express in all conversations about Brunson will be;

What am I doing to ensure that EVERY student meets these expectations?

What are you doing to ensure that EVERY students meets these expectations?

What are WE doing to ensure that EVERY student meets these expectations?

I will post more later my thoughts/learning on how I/we can sustain a sense of purpose.

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