Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Today from 10:30-1:00 the PTA will be providing Lunch for all staff members! After your students are in the cafe' come to the stage and fill a plate of food that represents the care, concern and support that our families feel for you and the job you all do with their children.

Monday is a Professional day for staff to work in the building and classrooms. We will be open from 7-5 that day. If you are taking leave, you must complete a form TODAY so Mariela can accurately code the payroll. Our next Professional Day is February 15th and that day is reserved for Central office Staff development. Karon will provide details on the events for that day soon.

Report cards are to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet on February 2nd. Please send your completed electronic copies to the appropriate administrator before January 29th. We will review and provide feedback by Monday Morning so you all can adjust and print. Remember that Irene will print all the 3-5 report cards if you send her the file after they have been reviewed. I will need a list from each grade level PLC of the student's names who are at risk for retention by February 5th.

As you heard from MTAC on Wednesday the Brunson Live format will be refreshed beginning in February. We are in need of 8 working VCR Machines to complete the new activeboards ability to view this broadcast. If you have a working VCR in you closet that you are willing to donate, please bring it on Monday so Chris can complete this task.

As I was opening the building this morning for Mr. Guerra, I turned off 3 computers that were left on overnight in the lab. Please continue to think and act in a manner that will conserve our resources.

Subs today
No sub for Earline Richardson
No sub for Edwin Guerra
Becky for Joey
Colleen for Nicole

Search for and find beauty!

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