Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Today, the magnet writing team will meet at Central office to hear from Dr. Turner on the power of RTI. After his presentation there will be a panel of principals to discuss lessons learned from the magnet process. We will need to leave at 2:40 from the parking lot to arrive at Central office by 3:00. Thanks to everyone who is assisting the supervision of dismissal while the team attends the meeting.

After that meeting we will continue our pattern of recognition with the school board. PBS paved the way with the State Exemplar recognition, and tonight Brie and Deb are receiving praise for their grant awards. We are proud of all our leaders who are making a difference in the lives of our students.

PTA birthday bash for December will be at 1:45 today. Chess Club is cancelled for today.

A Reminder that our Faculty meeting is Wednesday in the media center.

The post yesterday about the 2-hour delay may need some clarification. Classified employees must work an 8 hour day to earn 8 hours of pay. Therefore if one came in late yesterday due to the fog, that employee must make up the time missed this week to account for the 40 hour work week. One may choose to arrive 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes later for 2 days and this would comprise an hour of time that was not worked on the delay day. Or one could stay for the faculty meeting and spend the whole hour after school on Wednesday. Petty leave is not applicable for the 2-hour delay as it is not pre-approved. Please make sure all time sheets accurately reflect the hours worked in each day. And PLEASE do your time sheet daily. We have encountered some errors in forms that are done at the end of the month.

No sub for Lynn Bentley
No sub for Karon Kiger
Jonnie Malone for Marina Gutierrez
Gloria Crawford for Deb Fidali
No sub for Damita Sharp

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