Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

I am looking forward to our faculty meeting today at 3:15 in the media center. We will have some tea and snacks courtesy of my wonderful wife Elizabeth. As a family, we want to express our appreciation for creating a magical place to work. There will also be a drawing for two gift certificates to Milner's. Chris will introduce us to a new tech tool and the magnet writing team will give a progress update.

Dental Screening will be on the stage today for Kindergarten, third and fifth grade classes.

The Holiday assemblies on Thursday are scheduled as follows:

8:30...performers start lining up in the gym
9:00...K - 1st grade audience goes to the gym
9:15- 9:45...1st assembly
9:45...or thereabouts...3rd & 4th grade will be called to assembly
10:00 - 10:30...2nd assembly

The performers will use the stage steps and risers on the outside gym wall. We want the audience to sit diagonally facing both groups of performers. Chairs will be set diagonally at the back of the gym and, also, cafeteria wall will be opened and some chairs set up there. Parents of the performers, i.e. 2nd and 5th grade students, have been invited to attend the program.

Specials will be suspended for this morning and will resume at 10:40. Will will find a time to reschedule the first grade PLC.

I was proud to see Brie Ducamp and Deb fidali Recognized at the School board meeting last evening. We are thankful for all the grants we receive as they are targeted at student learning.

Charles Kirby for Paige Sipe
Letia Ward for Marina Gutierrez
Gloria Crawford for Deb Fidali

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