Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday MM

Good Foggy Morning!

A excerpt from the employee handbook

Sometimes it becomes necessary to operate school on a one-or two-hour delay because of adverse weather conditions. On such days, teachers and other school employees are expected to report to work at the regular time, unless their school improvement team has determined a different schedule that would include working the same number of hours as a regular day. Also, the announcement to delay the opening of school may include other directions for employees to follow.

If classified employees have difficulty getting to work because of weather conditions, they should notify their supervisor that they will be arriving to work late. With their supervisor’s prior approval, employees will be allowed to make up the missed time. (AR 4151.7)

We will remain on our schedule for today. Students will report straight to class at 9:50. Specials start at 10:40. Lunch is regular. On our next two hour delay we will have a modified schedule. TAC will discuss this at it's 3:45 meeting tonight at Twin City Diner.

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