Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

I am feeling better and hope to spend a majority of my day in classrooms. I am interested in all the research we have done on the magnet grant and am specifically looking at Learning Focused. One of the tenets in that program is the "Essential Question," which can be construed as an objective. Are we, Brunson, making our learning objective(s) clear to our students? Let's talk about it at lunch, in PLC meetings with peers, administrators and most importantly students. Through open and honest dialogue we increase our capacity to improve.

The Magnet meeting went well on Wednesday. We thought about and then discussed the vision for our school. We threw out MANY wonderful possibilities but the common theme I heard was student engagement. Our next step is to have Judith Penny come and perform a needs assessment. We also have a meeting Tuesday at Central office to hear about RTI and then listen to a panel of current magnet schools Principals talk about their experience in the narrative writing process. We are also establishing Twitter postings for each team member so we can keep the conversation moving over the holidays.

This weekend is our Holiday Book Event at Barnes and Nobles. We will have several guest readers and a portion of the proceeds purchased that day will come back to the media center. Speaking of the media center - Thank you all for a Fantastic Visit with our Author David B. Deb Fidali deserves many SNAPS for the efforts to organize this event. Her reward for all that hard work was a scheduled surgery on Thursday. Her husband called and reported that all went well and she hopes to recover for a return to school on January 4th.

Doris Davis for Janet Gauss
No sub for Stephanie Ingram
Gloria Crawford for Deb Fidali
Charles Kirby for Joey Adkins

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