Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mix-It-Up Thursday!

Here is the text from The PBS e-mail earlier this week.

Yes! Mix It Up Day is here! This day is always a great time and is a concrete example of our commitment to building community. If you are interested in more details about the National MixItUp Day or its history go to this link:

Here are a few things to note before and during the BIG day.

1) T-shirts - we decided the easiest way to distribute shirts is to hand them out to students once we break into teams. This means you will need to put a nametag (see below) on each child before dismissal to the first station. We will dismiss to first station 15 minutes early (@ 10:15) to give time to pass out shirts. If a child's 1st station is a room # - report to that room, if it is lunch - report to cafe, if it is OUTSIDE - report to the GYM.

2) Nametags - they will be in you box Tuesday. They need child's first name, country (team name), room they will start in Thursday (rm #, cafe, gym)

3) Team rosters - they are posted beside the sign-in board AND are on the shared drive > Mix It Up folder. This is the resource to find out which teams your students are on. The teacher packet (e-mailed to you last week AND on shared drive > Mix It Up) has schedule for each team.

4) Lunch - Thursday morning Heather, kitchen manager, needs to know who is eating a lunch from the cafeteria. You will receive a daily attendance roster in your box prior to Thursday. Thursday AM please fill it out with the following info:

"BL" - brought lunch from home

- a check means the child will eat a lunch provided by cafeteria

"A" - designates that the child is absent on Thursday

Send the roster down to the cafeteria by 9:00 Thurs. AM WITH the lunches brought from home. The lunches brought from home should be labeled with kid's name and their team name.

5) If you have a new student (new since you turned in groupings with shirt sizes) I will call them down to the gym Thursday AM. It would be helpful if they come with a list of the teams represented in your class. I'll try to match them up with a group they know.

6) Art info is attached below (Thanks Martha). I'm excited about the masks! Below that are several websites that look at masks from different regions of Africa. We have 6 teams from East, West, North and South Africa. (East and west) (East and South) (E & W) (North) (Kenya)

7) Whew - relax, have fun!

The PBS Team

SIT Peer review will begin at 3:15 in the media center. Tanya and members of SIT will outline the revisions on our plan to staff from central office. they will add their input and we will submit our Final version in December. Thanks to all who serve and have served on SIT.

Our only sub today is Linda Mathers for Betty Ferguson

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