Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Please check out this Blog post,Larry Cuban, if you are reflective. OK, that encompasses everybody in our school. It addresses the concept of change and takes into account the teacher perspective.

I was happy to have an excellent dinner last evening with our TOY, Kim Mason. She has represented Brunson well and exemplifies many of the wonderful qualities that comprise our staff.

The SIT Title One Peer Review was a success last evening. Many thanks to all our teacher leaders for working on, and presenting the revisions. Special thanks to Tanya Lovin who has been a force as the SIT chair.

Phenomenal Mix-It-Up day yesterday. Build on our success and continue to connect the affective domain with your academic and instructional goals. Please e-mail Andy or any PBS team member with feedback, as they are beginning work on the next event in February.

Chris and Nicole are out this morning at a PLC facilitator training. Please continue to work with your group to look at data and trends that will increase student learning.

Enjoy the Weekend!

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