Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Click here for an interesting Blog post from our Tech department on student engagement.

The teacher Evaluation Schedule is posted on the Shared folder. Self assessments are to be completed before October 16th. Andy and I will be scheduling individual pre-observation conferences for October.

Today I will meet with the following PLC groups;
4th HAG at 8:45 in Campbell's room
3rd Residential at Lunch
4th Residential at 2:15 in Moore's room
1st Grade at 3:15 in Jetton's room

Continue to strive for excellence as we get used to our schedule. Timely drop-off and pick-up of your classes from specials speaks volumes of your level of respect for your colleagues and students.

I have Scheduled the New Teacher Pot-Luck dinner for Thursday, October 8th. I will be delivering the buddy pairings today and will post the invite on the blog Friday.

Welcome back to Deb Fidali! She will be working half days in the morning as she continues to acquaint herself with all the powers of her bionic knee. More good news, Happy Birthday to Andy!

Courtney Tucker for Marina Gutierrez
Jan Van Swearingen for Tanya Lovin
Kim for Lara
No sub for Mariela or Lynn B. this morning as they are at workshops

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