Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wednesday MM

Good Morning,

I am writing this before the WatchDOGS event as I have a morning meeting at 7:30 that will preclude my posting until after 9:00.

Thanks for all your support of our PTA with the Fundraiser assembly. Continue to be GREAT communicators with our parents and extended families. Reassure them that this is an extra-curricular, and our daily focus is on LEARNING.

I would love to meet with several PLC's Wednesday;

Second Grade at 9:30 in Tucker-Moore's Room
Fifth grade at 11:00 in Adkins Mobile
Fifth HAG at 12:45 in McGee's Mobile
Kindergarten at 2:10 in Zarate's Room

I will arrange other meetings For Thursday and Friday.

Brunson Live is an integral component of our Theme. We MUST produce a quality product for our students and staff to be interested in watching. The expectation is for all of our classes to watch each and every day. At this time there are only four classrooms that do not have access to the broadcast. We will quickly update theses rooms, but until then please make arrangements to watch with a neighbor.

TAC meeting on Monday afternoon, Sept. 28. We will meet in The intervention mobile #40. If you have issues, please get them to a TAC rep so we can get to the business of problem solving.

Progress reports are due next Tuesday the 29th of September. Please read the documents from Chris about the gradebook and begin to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of this program.

Rosie Turner will be here next Wednesday for a 45 minute presentation on SIOP. This will be the first of many quality staff development sessions that will help us meet the needs of our students.

No sub yet for Paige Sipe, Erica, please cover her class from 8:00 until a sub is located
No sub for Irene Rush
Kim for Lara
Brierly for Deb

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