Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

Sorry to bail on you all yesterday. I continue to feel nauseous with a headache that keeps me spinning. I will be out this morning and hope to return in the afternoon if I am better. No fever, so I do not fit the H1N1 classification.

I brought home my work on the PLC coverage and will try to blog the schedule later today. My many apologies to the meetings I missed yesterday. I will reschedule upon my return.

The Subs Today are;
Kim for Lara
Johnnie Malone for Lisa Weber
Yvonne Mushayamunda for Anne Campbell
Courtney Wheatley for Marina Gutierrez
Today is Brierly Ash's Last day for Deb. Make a point to stop by and thank her for all her fine work this fall. Next week Deb will still be on half days and we will adjust the media schedule to fit her mornings and the days we have Linda.

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