Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

Please keep Lara in your thoughts as her Mother has been admitted to the hospital. She will be out through the end of the week, and we thank Kim Dishner for doing a spectacular job for our students.

Let us all focus on academic excellence these next two days so we can have our children yearning for more when they return after the Labor day holiday. I have several meetings scheduled but will attempt to do walk-throughs in many classrooms over the next two days.

One of those meeting is with our PTA sponsored Journalism Club. This is year two of the club and one area of need that we have identified is a Faculty Sponsor. If you are interested in helping Betsy Kraft and Ann Urban work with 3-5th grade students on their desire to communicate a message, please let me know so we can support this great partnership.

I am also meeting with our ESL staff this afternoon to formalize a method of communication with Staff on student concerns. of our 18 residential classrooms, 14 have double digit enrolment of Hispanic students. We must find ways to develop their academic language in all areas, not just the 30 minute pull-out. I will follow this up in a conversation with Rosie Turner, our WSFCS SIOP Coach.

One last note, Tonight, 6:30 at the Stevens Center, the Open Dream Ensemble will present "Dream Machines." This is the show I am trying to get here for this fall, and it is FREE. I had the opportunity to preview the show in the summer and it is wonderful. Please support this great organization as they have supported us with residencies the last two years.

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