Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And now.....the rest of the story.

Paul Harvey.................Good Day!

On the agenda after Chris was

District updates & CWT - Jeff

Our School district has created a set of non-negotiables coined "single District Culture." I wanted to share a couple that are pertinent to us.

Energy Conservation
Shut down computers; turn off monitors.
NEW: Effective 10-01-09 Schools/
departments not in compliance will be
fined $1.00 per computer per day.

Prohibit use of plug-in deodorizers

These two strike a chord as I discussed the plug-in issue with a staff member earlier this year. The custodians will throw them away if they are found, so please use a reed diffuser if you need a scent in your room. The Computers are a BIG issue as we heard Mariela tell us to "tighten" our financial belts. I do not want to write a check to the district for leaving a computer on. Please be good stewards of our taxpayers dollars and conserve energy.

I also wanted to share news that Dr. Martin will stop the process of scheduled visits to schools. He will pop in when his schedule permits and visit classrooms. I believe this will paint a clear picture that our standard of excellence is an everyday thing, not a "Dog and Pony Show."

We will also have various title One representatives visiting classrooms to do the "Walk-Throughs." This is a method to collect data by that is NOT teacher specific. We can then use the data to be a conversation starter in our Extended Planning Meetings. Andy, Karon and I will also be collecting this data as we visit classrooms. It is the same program we used last year, so, no worries. I will be glad to give you more information as I visit your classrooms or grade level planning.

The CWT form and the Single district culture document are on the shared folder in the folder titled 2009-2010 Staff Meetings.

Next on the Agenda was;

United Way - _______________
UNCF – Vernola Jackson
Arts Council – Martha Depp
TAC – Carol Weaver
CAC – Erica Burchette
Character Ed – Lynn Bentley

We need to vote on the TAC and I hope the others will gladly continue to volunteer their leadership.

There is a hole for our United Way representative. Sue Bennett served us last year but she is loaded with her Title One responsibilities. Therefore, I would like to extend this opportunity to another staff leader. If you are interested, please zip me an e-mail before the weekend.

Lastly the agenda had;

Brunson’s Best – Snaps

Good Of the Order

Let's keep those Snaps coming and show appreciation for each other. Whomever has the house, please return it to Andy's office and we will do the drawing on Brunson Live this Friday.

Thanks for your patience, and consideration of these issues. Together we make a great Team.

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