Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Morning!

Great new post from one of our own techies April Pattterson.

News from our Data Manager Damita
Log into ncwise b4 Tuesday. When teachers come back from the holiday, they will be doing attendance on ncwise. If they have any trouble, contact me (Damita.)

Also, many enrollment sheets are not complete. Even though students are in the 1st-5th grade should know the basics: Full name, parents name, address, phone number, Many do not. Please practice this for the 1st few weeks of school for some, not all. And, Please have enrollment sheets complete so this information is readily available for us in case of emergency or missed transportation.

Thanks, Damita Sharp, Data Manager

the Fire Marshall gave us a good report on his semi-annual inspection yesterday. Mr. Guerra will make the rounds to try and correct the safety hazards he pointed out. Most were electrical, including a plug in air freshener and may extension cords.

I have an option for the 3-5 progress reports that are due in the Tuesday packet of September 8th. I will be coming around to classrooms this afternoon with details.

I hope you all have a great 3-day weekend.

Subs today
Kim Dishner for Lara

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