Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

Thanks for a great first day. Let's mimic the effort and make memories for the rest of the year.

561 students are registered and we only had 13 no-shows. That's right, 548 students are currently enrolled at Brunson. We ended last year at 511. We ended 2007 at 490.Still growing after all these years. Our school was dedicated in 1959 and has served 50 years in this community. Be proud to work at this institution and revel in the tradition of excellence that has been laid by all the excellent educators who have been here before our tenure. AND let us continue to push the envelope to create and innovate in this ever-changing educational landscape.

A couple of areas to highlight that will help set expectations for our students.

Teach kids to be independent in the line with numbers and ordering.
Sit with Students for these first weeks to model appropriate behavior.
Demonstrate table cleaning with kids to model appropriate methods.
Supervise to prevent accidents.
PRE-Correct on getting everything they need from the line before sitting.
Once they sit keep them in the seat.

Car riders will be dismissed first at 2:45, followed by the bell and calling of bus colors at 2:50.
Blue Bus is our late one, start to brainstorm appropriate supervision opportunities for those 66 kids.
The Car riders area needs a safety update. Please e-mail me if you are interested in serving on TEAM that will inspect and improve our system for car riders in the afternoon.

Both of these are events work best when time is synchronized. Let us all work from the master clock. Let me know if you are more than one room away from a working "cable" master clock.

Reminder that our opening PBS Assembly is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

We will have a quick 10 minute "faculty meeting" for all Certified teachers to distribute paperwork for the NEW NC Teacher Evaluation Process. We will begin at 3:30 and finish by 3:40.

No sub for Lynn Bentley

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