Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Keep a bright and smiling face today as we welcome all our students. Let's supervise all our students and set the tone for a phenomenal school year. Students will be reporting to class this week upon arrival. We will begin the cafe duty and 8:05 class openings starting Monday the 31st of August.

I had made a slight change to the lunch schedule on an earlier blog. Please scroll down and check it out.

Andy will make the rounds in the morning for bus information. Working together we can have an efficient and SAFE dismissal today.

Please spend ample time on the expectations for our PBS program. Pre-correct and lets have a great year.

I will be spending most of the lunch hour in the cafe. Any feedback you can provide on the opening of school will help us in planning for the remainder of this year and on into the next.

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