Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Summer Post #5

I want to thank everybody who replied to the inquiry about Wrightsville Beach. All of your advice was helpful, and Elizabeth and the boys are going to sit tight and work a "priceline" deal at the last minute for a couple of days of Beach enjoyment.

Yesterday we had a Elementary Principals Meeting and spent some time discussing the 3-5 NCWISE gradebook implementation among a myriad of other topics. The state Budget is still not finalized and the class size issue is still one of the sticking points. I feel good about our numbers and feel confident that the current allotment for teacher positions will stand. If we have student numbers issues at particular grade levels, we will preserve our staff by creating a combo to boost low numbers, as well as relieve high numbers. Nothing to worry about now as we have many more days to enroll new students. Our final assessment of our staffing and student enrollment cannot be completed until the 10th day of school, September 8th.

Karon and the Jump Start Crew worked yesterday to create a plan to accelerate students in our Gateway years, while Wendy and Venice organized a the kindergarten version. Thanks to everyone for thinking of new ways to give our students meaningful educational experiences.

For the next two weeks I will be in Training at the Central office. Marilea will be here and the Jump start begins on the 3rd of August. If you need me, please e-mail, or call first as my workshops are all over the county and my presence at School will be minimal.

Please welcome Deb Gaillard to our staff to work as a 4th grade teacher on the team with Betty Jo and Nicki. We are fortunate to have her join our staff from Meadowlark elementary where she most recently was a PRT.

The Jeffrey Dean Foster Concert was Fantastic. You all should check him out the next time he plays in town. This weekend I am headed to Asheville to see The Old 97's. One of the most energetic live bands EVER. They play for free at the Bel cher festival on Saturday night. I am also planing on visiting Andy and his family at Eagle's Nest to experience the joy of Outdoor education at its finest.

As always, please enjoy your time to rest and reflect. See you all on August 17th.

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