Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friday Summer Post #6

So sorry for the delay in posting! We have been immersed in administrator training at the central office and have one more week to go. Lots of NEW and INTERESTING directions that we can explore together as we strive to create an exceptional experience for everyone at Brunson.

I will spend some time this week sifting through all the material and will soon write a summary of all my new learning. I also will Blog the teacher schedule for the six days of pre-planing, scheduled for August 17-24th. I do not plan on sending a hard copy by mail and will rely on technology and phone calls to ensure the dissemination of the information. The basics are as follows;

August 17th - Opening meeting 8:00-noon afternoon open in the classroom
August 18th - PLC meetings throughout the day
August 19th - Open House in the evening
August 20th - Staff development Central office
August 21st - Staff development Central office
August 24th - RS Vote, which we take on Monday the 17th

Karon and the Creekside Camp Crew will begin their acceleration program on Monday. We will be serving kindergarten, third and fifth grade students this summer.

Last Saturday I was given a tour of Eagle's Nest Camp by Andy and Finn. It is an incredible place filled with caring and thoughtful people. I am glad to have had a short opportunity to witness the core values which drive our EXCELLENT Assistant Principal. Andy will be back the morning of August 10th to begin preparations for the upcoming year.

AS always, Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and we will see you all on the 17th of August.

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