Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Summer Post #3

What a great Trip to Montreal. I look forward to sharing stories of travel over the summer as we learned so much. I will share just one for now.

Every day we were greeted with bonjour. French is the dominant language and I was determined to speak as much Franc-lish as I could muster, yet I often found my mouth saying please and thank you in Spanish? I was able to switch from gracias to Merci pretty quickly, but struggled with Por Favor and si bu plea. I believe that my immersion in our open culture here at Brunson has enriched my life, and the joys that exist in the honoring of diversity. For this I am thankful for all the culture that each of you bring to me and our students we serve.

We will begin the interview process next week for the Fourth grade and Kindergarten TBE. I will be calling a few of you if you can sit in on some Team interviews.

Gotta get home soon, as my two boys just returned from two weeks at Camp Thunderbird. I am looking forward to hearing their stories.

Keep in touch and I will write more on July 17th.

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Anonymous said...

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