Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friday Summer Post #2

It is not Friday, but the Furlough day for Marilea, Edwin, Donald and myself will be taken on July 2nd, with the holiday observed on the 3rd. So, at 1:00 pm today we will shut the school down and enjoy a long weekend.

The carpet cleaners are here today extracting as much dirt as possible from the media center and office carpets. We will focus our energies on the mobile units with carpet at the end of July. I am happy to report that the waxing and deep cleaning has begun upstairs and will move to the 2nd/3rd hallway after the break.

I am going to take the Gladwell book "Outliers" on my vacation to Montreal and hopefully pick up a new title at a used bookstore in Canada. We watched the movie "Seven Pounds" last week. It has raised the question, what is a remarkable life? Deep stuff to be discussed as we fly to a vacation of exploration and relaxation.

Back to school stuff, Gwen and I interviewed two candidates for the vacant Kindergarten Transitional Bilingual position and were impressed with both. We will review references and make an offer by July 10th. We still are awaiting the surplus teachers to be placed and hope to interview for the vacant 4th grade position July 13-14 and follow that up with 3rd grade HAG and 0.5 ESL on July 15-16. If you are a member of one of these teams, please e-mail me and let me know if you can be available for the interviews. If you are not on one of these teams and want to participate in the selection process, let me know as I feel a team of 3-4 is a great way for the candidates to get a good feel for what we are about as a school.

Karon is organizing a 2-day workshop for teachers who will be working in our tutorial programs this summer and next year. It will focus on acceleration and previewing techniques and also provide time for team planning of lessons. stay tuned for more information in the next post on July 10th.

Finally I have attached two pictures, compliments of Julie, from the wedding of Nicole last Saturday night. Congratulations and best wishes on a long and happy marriage.

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Janet said...

Hi, Jeff,

Thanks for your continuing weekly posts; a good way to keep in touch over the summer. It sounds as if you have good R & R plans with your Montreal trip and summer reading list. I have recently read THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY, a book that deals with a somewhat dark subject, the Nazi occupation of the British Channel Islands during WWII, in an uplifting and enjoyable way with its message about the power of literature and community to sustain people during difficult times. I am very interested to hear what transpires with hiring decisions for the TBE program and the .5 ESL position and would be happy to come in and participate in the interviews on the 15th &16th. ---Janet Gauss