Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Weather

WOW!  Brunson is dry and warm, yet our secondary roads are preventing Bus traffic from safely transporting students to and from our happy School.  I also await the decision from our central office staff about Thursday.  I trust them and know that they will make the right call based on the safety of ALL students in our community.

The magnet Fair was AWESOME and we spoke with many families interested in our STEM magnet Program for the 2011-2012 school year.  Here is an interesting Blog post about Kindergarten Engineering

Upcoming events, such as the WatchDOGS Breakfast on January 28th, can be found on our school calendar.

I hope to see everyone soon, stay safe!

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bkraft said...

What a great article about Kindergarten Engineering. I think it is so true that kids start using these analytical skills to figure out how to solve problems at a very young age. Tapping into their natural skills at such a young age in order to better develop solutions, work as a team, think 'outside the box', and prove they can solve difficult problems is an incredibly useful, exciting idea. I can't wait to watch Brunson become a magnet. I only wish my Kindergartener were one year younger to be able to participate in this exciting transition at the best elementary school in the county.