Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday July 14th

I hope all is well and you are enjoying the summer. I spent yesterday in a workshop with Marlo Gaddis for web page design and made a decision regarding this blog.

My purpose for doing a Web Log is to maximize the communication from the office to all the staff in the school. This has been mostly one way information and a "private" blog will allow for posting of comments, thus moving the communication to a conversation.

Our new website through schoolwires has a fantastic blog feature that I can use and limit to those who have logged into the website and are attached to Brunson Elementary. By using this blog for our Daily MM, we can ensure privacy of sensitive personnel information and develop a comments section that will feed conversations throughout our staff.

Until we return on the 16th of August, I will continue to post updates and information here. We will get some needed training from a new Tech facilitator on August 17th and this space will transform into a weekly parent blog available to all our families.

On the News front, The building is in disarray as Edwin and Donald are dusting and getting the floors stripped/waxed. WE will begin the interview process for a Tech Facilitator on Monday the 19th. We have a verbal confirmation from our new CC and I will post her info as I get confirmation of her appointment from Human Resources.

Great News! Avery Jeanne Butler was Born July 11th! 6.5 pounds, 20 inches and HEALTHY. Congrats to Sarah and Eric!

That's all for now, check back Friday for some further info on the CC and other personnel updates..

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