Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday MM

Good Morning!

What a fantastic Spring Fling! thanks to everyone for making this a reality for our families. Build on this vibe to increase our students academic confidence as we head into our assessment phase of the year.

PTA has planned a teacher appreciation lunch event for Friday the 14th. Meals catered by Mrs. Pumpkin's will be available on the stage to thank you all for the amazing work with our students.

Progress reports are to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet. Please do not e-mail the NC WISE reports, rather ask parents to access the Parent Assist to check the grades.

This is the last week of PLC, make it meaningful. Third, Fourth and Fifth grade Teams will need to submit to Andy the remediation lesson plans for May 24-28th before the end of this week.

The SIT Meeting on Wednesday will run from 3:15-5:00.

Stephanie for Martha
No sub for Lynn Keshian
Renee Stephan for Mariah Lee
No sub for Earline Richardson

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