Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday MM

Good Morning!

We are EXCITED about our Spring Fling this evening! I am looking forward to spending time with our families and staff as we enjoy the warm spring evening.

Today I am honored to attend the annual counselors Breakfast with Lynn Bentley. We are fortunate to work with a caring counselor who puts students social-emotional needs as her number one priority.

Mariela and I will attend gateway training at 2pm and have details to share in PLC next week.

Mrs. Gutierrez is out today and no sub has picked the job yet. Colleen Galvan assists her in the morning with the third grade and will continue provide Spanish until we find a sub. Thanks!!! Maria Cook will also assist Colleen for the first two periods, 8:30-10:00....Thanks!!!

Our Other subs are:
Rovena Jeter for Joey Adkins - Mrs Richardson will not need to cover this PLC as she will assist Mrs. Sarfert as she works on an IEP meeting at 10:30
Stephanie Ingram for Martha Depp. I am not sure who is covering her PLC at 9:10 with Mrs. Patrick - Mrs. Rush may cover.

I will be glad to discuss the budget information from yesterday's meeting. Everyone will be furloughed next year between 2-5 days. that is the biggest part of the 7 plus million dollars reduction. Our other big impact here at Brunson is the reduction of Elementary school foreign language, as it will be delivered to 4th and 5th grades only.

We also had a Fantastic conversation regarding DIBELS and our response to the data collected this year. Karon, Andy and I will present a detailed report to SIT next Wednesday and welcome all to attend.

See you all after the breakfast with Lynn.

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