Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break!

I hope all of you are enjoying some meaningful Staff development on this Rc day. Wednesday we will be open from 7:30-4:00. If you are not working on this Rs day, please get Mariela your request to utilize Annual leave.

Our Teacher working conditions survey for all certified employees is looking good. we have 32 of 47 responses for a 68% return rate. Our Goal is 100%! We use this data along with our FCAE survey to drive many facets of the SIP, so please respond with your views and we can utilize this data to make our school better.

I have a couple of dates for you all to note in your calendars. We will discuss these in detail at our next faculty meeting on April 7th.

SIOP Training for Brunson Residential Teachers will occur this summer July 20-22 from 8-1 pm

Title One Raising the Bar for the 21st Century WSFCS Improvement Conference will move our report to work date up one day to August 16th. We will then "trade" that work day for the April 25th Rs day to have a four day weekend surrounding the late easter holiday in 2011.

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