Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday MM

Good Morning!

Report Cards are scheduled to be delivered in the Tuesday Packet of April 13th. Please get the electronic copies to your assigned editor before April 6th for review.

Today the PBS EOQ celebration will occur at approx. 12:45 for the K-2 and 1:30 for the 3-5. Stay tuned to the all-call for exact times and locations as the rain will adjust our plans.

Some folks are confused about the calendar -

Tuesday March 30th is a Rc day where staff development will take place by the central office instructional teams. All staff should attend appropriate training, or work in the building or take an annual leave day. The Building will be open from 7:00-4:30

Wednesday March 31st is a Rs day where staff can work in the building or take an annual leave day. For those staff members who do not have a balance of annual leave, they may take the 31st off and work an additional day at the end of the calendar year. The building will be open from 7:30-4:00

The magnet team will meet tonight after school in the media center.

No sub for Linda Transou

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