Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Morning!

Do not let the possibility of winter weather hamper your efforts to create fantastic learning opportunities for students.

Our CWT schedule this week is K-2 Jeff, HAG Karon, 3-5 Andy. We look forward to being in the classrooms.

A couple of Blogs worth Reading;

It takes a village

Great Teachers

Today is the Day we CLEAN the Refrigerator. ANYTHING left in the fridge after 3:45 today will be discarded. Shelves will be removed and washed. Drawers will be removed and washed. The inside of the door will be washed.

Magnet team meeting at 3:15 today in the media center.
SAT meeting at 3:15 today in guidance.
Jungle book in the gym after-school

All NC Ties participants need to complete a prior approval travel form and get it to me before 2 pm today. They must be in the Title One office to complete the pay request for the conference. No form - No conference.

From Betty Weyker on the NC WISE Gradebook:
Please communicate to your teachers that at this point any or all teacher gradebooks are viewable so they should now all be populating the date stamp for assignments to be posted to Parent Assistant. It is critical for the success of this resource that all schools are communicating to teachers and parents. We continue to visit schools and will make as many presentations as we can but your communication is the most critical. We ask that you also begin to direct parents to Parent Assistant in lieu of emailed progress reports. We will submit Progress Reports via email at least through spring break. Our goal “now” would be to eliminate the email process for the last quarter if possible. Please have these conversations now with staff and parents.

I have a Meeting on Tuesday Morning that will hopefully address the duplicity of our Elementary progress reports and the assumption that parents can check whenever they want.

No sub for Edwin Guerra
No sub for Doris Davis
No sub for Lynn Keshian

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