Friday, February 26, 2010

WSSU Early Field experience

We have Brittany, Pamela, Phillip, Renee and Stephanie looking for teachers who would be willing to allow them to observe their classroom. Let me know if you are interested in hosting a student and I will make the connection.

On another note, TAC met last Monday and I wanted to share a few items through the blog.

1. Temperature in the classrooms is a "hot" topic. Please keep accurate data and we can report to our HVAC worker for action. Without data, he must guess on what to adjust based only on the current temperature.

2. Professionalism was addressed in a multitude of areas.
a - Faculty using keys to enter other teachers rooms.
b - Faculty arriving late name it.
c - Faculty leaving whole classes unsupervised and standing in line.

Needless to say all of these issues are enough to be a burr in the saddle. Left unchecked, they can cause divisions and rifts that are hard to repair. We will address some of these issues, and their solutions, at the next faculty meeting on Wednesday, March 3rd. Until then, please do your part to be on-time for your students and colleagues.

Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday Morning!

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