Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

Two hour delay today. Please have all PLC meetings in the morning. We are still a go for the Brass under the Big Top performance. Below is a press release from the WSFCS.

The Board of Education voted Tuesday to make Monday, Feb. 15, a student day to make up the day missed on Feb. 5. It had previously been a teacher workday.

It will be an excused absence for those who already had trips planned, and it not count against seniors' exam exemptions.

Makeup days for Feb. 1-3 and Feb. 5 are now Feb. 15, March 29, June 9 and June 10.

As a result, teachers' professional days at the end of the school year will change from June 9-11 to June 11, June 14 and June 15.

Remaining makeup days are March 30, June 11 and June 14, if necessary. Days would be used in that order.

Please be aware that the Excused absence language applies to students. All Staff are expected to work on this day.

I need your Help! I have asked in the Blog for two items;

1. Possible retention lists
2. Names of parents who could be leaders in our PTA.

I must have both by way of an email before the end of today. Please share this critical information with all your peers so there will be no confusion.

SIT meeting Today at 3:15.


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