Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday MM

Good evening! I am at a joint Principals meeting in the am so I wanted to write tonight.

I enjoyed the assembly and Big Top Brass. thanks to all the teachers who were flexible with all sorts of schedules. I believe the students benefited from this performance.

PTA meeting tonight! Please come early and park in the back as we will have a full house. I want to ask for everyone to make time to help serve our families and support the PTA.

Here is some data to express the response to my request for Parent leaders by grade level.
K - 1/3
1 - 2/3
2 - 1/3
3 - 3/7
4 - 1/5
5 - 2/6
total - 10/27 - 37%

Here is some data to express the response to my request for Retention lists by grade level.
K - 1/3
1 - 2/3
2 - 2/3
3 - 6/7
4 - 1/5
5 - 5/6
total - 17/27 - 63%

To say these numbers disappoint me is an understatement. A suggestion at SIT was made that I be clear in the blog by differentiating things that need action from the usual reflective pieces.

I am going to reflect and reframe the communication breakdown that is occurring in our school. Let me begin by sharing a story.

A teacher came to me this year and was conflicted about the moral and ethical unease she felt as she watched a colleague throw away a set of ungraded papers claiming that she did not have time to mess with them.

I share that pain of the students as I want my communication to be received as well as expressed. I have always been wary of the one way nature of the blog. I too want what I express to be worthy of your time, attention and feedback.

I also feel the pain of the conflicted teacher as I do not want to add burdens to an already full day by pointing out the negative.

Let me continue to examine new and improved methods of communication. I just noticed that this post is number 300. Maybe I need to scale back and post weekly. Maybe we need guest writers. Maybe we need to have more face to face communication. Please trust me that I will try to meet your needs and keep an open mind as we wade through these murky waters.

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