Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

Thanks to Chris who is working on the Technological transformation of our PLC Room, there is now a 32" monitor and a computer with a cordless mouse and keyboard. Accessing data just got a lot easier. We have a new powerful desktop on the way along with some furniture. The Pepsi machine should move to the "bomb shelter" on Friday, so we can begin to plan for Grade level storage.

I received my first set of report cards and am looking forward to seeing the progress of the 1st and 4th grade students that I am following. Please get these electronic copies to your assigned reviewer before Friday as the cards are to be included in the Tuesday packet of February 2nd.

Technology is working on restoring our web based school calendar. please be patient and look to this blog and announcements for up to date information. Like, SIT meeting on Wednesday after-school in the media center.

Sub today:
Rosemary Hazy for Joey Adkins

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