Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday MM

Good morning to the PBS EXEMPLAR school!

I am excited for a great day and all the possibilities it brings. We will have our Leadership PLC at 10 am and a Modified PTA board meeting at 11:30. The Second Grade continues Aptitude testing this morning. please give them an appropriate environment by observing PBS hallway behavior.

Friday I have an FPA meeting first thing in the morning followed by a YMCA Child Care advisory board meeting at Lunch. If you have any opinions on the YMCA program here at Brunson, please let me know so I can share them.

We received our 3rd computer audit from November 2nd, and there were 9 computers or monitors left on overnight. This is an increase from last months one computer. In January, we will be billed one dollar for each computer to offset the energy wasted. Our Green Team is looking at a plan to cut our costs and save energy in this time of economic crisis. Please do your part and help us avoid these costly energy mistakes.

Snack attack in the "Bomb Shelter" today!

Joey Stone for Nicki Fusco am only
Brierly Ash for Deb Fidali

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