Thursday, November 19, 2009

Magnet Reply from Kim Morrison

That's great news Jeff. I can begin these meetings as soon as we are back from Thanksgiving break. Just give me some possible dates and times. The time commitment for a writing team is probably 5 to 10 meetings depending on how quickly they work in which we discuss the proposal and work out the outline. The team is to go back and get input from the staff frequently. The primary writer has the larger time commitment. Their time is basically as long as it takes to write an effective narrative. If they are a good writer that is probably around 10 hours or so spread over time.

We have been trying to find a good STEM school to visit. Wake and Guilford do not feel that theirs are far enough along to visit. I think Guilford is just now forming a elementary school STEM program. There are a couple out of state but we can't really travel that far. I will continue to look.

We do not know the due date for the grant. The Request For Proposal has not come out yet. I expect it to be out in January and the grant to be due by the end of February. I hope to send the proposal to readers in late January.

I do not know about release time for the staff. I think the principal usually works with the team concerning that. I think the school tries to get the team released and pay for subs to visit the model programs if we can find one.

Kim Morrison, PhD
Magnet Schools Program Manager
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Jeff B Faullin/BrunsonES/WSFCS
11/18/2009 05:10 PM
Kim Morrison/Admin/WSFCS@WSFCS
Toni Bigham/WSFCS@WSFCS, Clyde Harrelson/Admin/WSFCS, Patsy Squire/Admin/WSFCS@WSFCS

Today we had our staff meeting follow-up to your presentation last Tuesday. I am thrilled to report that we are committed to writing a fantastic narrative to transform Brunson into a magnet school for STEM.

I need some information from you as I solicit members of the 9 person writing team.

When can we get started with your 3 sessions?
What is the time commitment for a writing team member?
What is our due date for the grant?
Are there identified schools we need to visit?
Will release time from teaching duties be afforded to the team if necessary?

I will give our staff your information and have asked for Volunteers to submit their names before the weekend. Our leadership team will then select a cross-representative sample to form the team (if many apply) or target specific talents to join us (if too few apply)

thanks for your time and consideration, I look forward to working with you.

Jeffrey B. Faullin
Principal - Brunson Elementary
(336) 727-2856 school
(336) 345-7727 cell

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