Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

We have a Glorious day to continue to reach each and every student. Let's keep the focus on learning and support our students in making good decisions socially. Here I have linked to an interesting blog post from Larry Cuban on the power of schools. Take a moment and give it a read.

Demarie, Anne and Andy are on a field trip today to Raleigh. Our custodial staff will do a Deep clean on their rooms while they are away. Let's try to continue this practice so when your room is empty it can get that same service.

Everyone should have received an e-mail from Dr. Martin concerning the procedure for updating background checks on all employees in our district. If you have any questions, please see me and I can try to clarify.

Our one sub today is Lynn Vernon for Brie DuCamp - She is taking part in a State Science Leadership conference.

Enjoy the weekend and Make GREAT plans for Monday and Tuesday of Next week as EACH day is critical for our students.

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