Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

SIT will meet after school in Tanya's room to revise the SIP with the guidance we received from the title one office.

Our friend and colleague Silvia, sent me a message yesterday, Here is an except.

A short e-mail to let you know about today. Everything went well, the
tumor was removed and any other area that looked suspicious was also
removed as well as samples from different sections of the bladder to
make sure they were healthy. After the surgery, the doctor smiled for
the first time since we met him and it was after telling me that he was
pleased with the way the procedure had gone. Now we have to wait for the
results from the biopsy and I honestly believe that whatever those are,
the future looks good for us.... Please, give the Brunson family
my thanks for all their prayers and good wishes, that played a great
role in today's success. I'll be back on Thursday. Sincerely, Silvia

I posted a lot of info yesterday, please be sure to read about the Math conference as there is a deadline.

Jonathan Krakenberg for Martha
Joey Stone for Deb Gaillard
No sub for Silvia
Kim for Lara
Colleen For Nicole

Here are some pictures for the Dixie Classic Fair Art Show.

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