Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

Faculty Meeting today 3:15 in the media center.

Mrs. Lopina has asked if the teachers would like a preview of the rummage sale items. If you are interested, please reply to the blog in the comments section. If we have enough support, something will be arranged.

The H1N1 Flu situation is making news. A Kindergarten class at Whitaker had one student present. Please help all students keep good habits of hygiene and send student with a fever to the office. Dr. Martin sent this e-mail last night.

"A parent e-mailed me claiming that students with a fever were being sent back to class with a mask on while waiting to be picked up. I checked with the school mentioned and that was NOT true. I told her that but promised that I would remind principals that students with a fever would not be sent back to class. Hopefully we are reaching the peak of the pandemic."

Many thanks to Irene, Damita and Mariela. They are all working hard to help our kids who present symptoms get home ASAP. Erica is out for the remainder of the week with the flu and is unavailable to drive. Speaking of our HSC, I have received zero referrals for her services and thus assume that we have contacted all parents for PEP's to be signed before the end of the quarter?

Subs today:
Chasidy Phelps for Marina Gutierrez
No sub for Stephanie Ingram
No sub for Silvia Correa
Nury Schoning for Donna McNatt am only
Kim for Lara

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