Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

I am looking forward to our International night and Parade of Nations. The expectation is for All certified staff to attend and support our PTA and world Cultures. Our Number one responsibility is to make all our families feel welcome and build good relationships. Classified staff, I encourage you to come and support our event this evening and use some flex time later this week.

We have the YMCA in the Art room this afternoon.
Journalism club will be in the computer lab and Anderson's room.
PTA birthday bash will begin promptly at 1:45
The Parade walk-through will begin at 2:00

The final progress report of the quarter is due in the Tuesday packet. Please be sure to deliver this vital information as we will be able to have many face-to-face interactions with many families tonight.

The PTA is searching for coolers. If you know the location of a school cooler please let us know here in the office.

Second grade began their PLC yesterday. The expectation is for ALL PLC groups to use the Lounge for their meetings. This weekend we will move the Pepsi machine and Refrigerator to the Room off the cafeteria to create a "lounge" area. The transformation of the lounge to a comfortable PLC area will begin thereafter.

EVERYTHING in the fridge and freezer will be thrown in the trash over the weekend. Please remove all personal items from this location prior to your departure from school on Friday.

I also posted a bulletin board list yesterday afternoon, please read and review.

Stephanie for Lynn
Kim for Lara pm only

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