Monday, October 19, 2009

New Information

Many of our staff members have been courageous in the face of medical maladies. Here is a short note from Lisa to thank everyone for their support.

Dear Brunson Family,
Words can't begin to express the appreciation for all your prayers, cards, hugs and food over the last few months. It is with great delight that I tell you prayers have been answered. Although things aren't exactly where we want them, they are good. Both scans looked GREAT! I will be going off 3 meds, and now will wait for 2 weeks to follow-up on the blood work that's borderline. Please continue to pray that the numbers drop during this time. Thanks again for all the support. God Bless you all. Lisa

Here is some work Irene has done to clarify the pairings on the bulletin Boards. Please look this over and determine if you are in the right spot.


1. Beside Room 2 McGee, Lodono, Hailstock
2. Beside Room 3 Bennett, Zarate, Lamphear
3. Beside Room 6 McNatt, Jetton, Weaver
4. Beside Media Ctr. Binkley, Fidali, Overby
5. Beside Room 9 Peddle, Phelps, Gulledge
6. Beside Room 10 Adkins, Butler, Kangelaris
7. Beside Room 15 Lee, Mason, Tucker
8. Beside Room 16 Weber, Sipe, Gauss
9. Beside Room 20 LaPlante, Wasco, Ducamp
10. Across From Room 20 Anderson, Campbell, Patrick
11. Across From Room 21 Gaillard, Davis, Ferguson
12. Beside Room 22 Keshian, Lovin, Depp
13. Beside Room 27 Kiger, Burch, V. Jackson
14. Beside Room 28 Fusco, Moore, Gutierrez
15. Lobby Depp, PTA
16. Beside Speech Bentley
17. Next to Speech Bentley

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