Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday MM

Good Morning!

Today the fifth grade Knowledge Hunters & Creekside Kids travel to Camp Thunderbird for an excellent three-day learning experience. Andy will spend the day with the crew on Tuesday and the students will return before dismissal on Wednesday.

Please be present at our special faculty meeting TODAY, as Dr Martin will be here to lead the meeting. We will begin at 3:15 in the media center and should finish by 4:15. Classified staff should make arrangements to work flex time this week and remain for the entire presentation.

I should have received your request for leave if you are planning on taking annual leave on either of the work days at the end of this week. If not, You must see Mariela today and get that paperwork processed.

The Lounge has moved to the room off the Cafeteria. the Pepsi people will be here this week to move the machine so all our creature comforts will be in that area. The PLC room will receive much needed furniture and storage capacity in the future. Thanks to everyone for making the PLC concept a successful work in progress here at Brunson.

The media center will be "de-bookfaired" this morning and back in business soon. Thanks for all your support of the Fair.

No sub for Nicole Robinson am only
Belinda Gathings for Deb Gaillard

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