Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday...Wednesday MM

Good Morning!

Please take a moment today to thank to Cathy Moore for her wonderful work with our second grade TBE class. She will complete the report cards on the two work days and collaborate with the returning Debbie Tucker.

The modified Lunch Schedule you found in your box yesterday is for TODAY ONLY. The necessity came from our fifth grade absence and our 4th grade field trip to Heritage Days.

Again the building will be open from 7-5 on the two work days. Office hours are from 8-4. Irene will be in the office on Thursday, and Mariela on Friday.

Next Monday we will host a parent meeting for information/Q&A on the Brunson/Cook Merger. A letter from Dr. Martin must go home with every student today. They will be available in your mailbox at lunchtime.

Andy is at Non-Violent crisis intervention training today, and we have no other subs.

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