Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday MM

Good Morning!

At our SIT meeting on Wednesday we made a slight change to the calendar. Next Wednesday will be a SIT meeting rather than a Staff meeting. Our next staff meeting has shifted to Monday the 26th of October.

At the Elem Principals meeting yesterday we discussed the Process and Purpose of the district's implementation of the PLC. We are moving forward with our plan and are fortunate to have the support of Chris and Nicole to provide a vision of excellence. We need to be flexible and grow these opportunities to sustain best practices for student's best interests. We also heard from Janie Costello about the DIBELS implementation. She is thrilled with our work to gather BOY data on all our children and is looking forward to using the data to correct areas of weakness. Here at Brunson, our entire K-2 staff and the DIBELS team are to be commended on making this an integral part of our teaching and LEARNING.

Many subs today, please be helpful to our guests and support all our students.
Janet Wilson for Lisa Weber
Charles Kirby for Paige Sipe Pm only
Nicole Robinson for Liz Lamphear
No sub for Sue Bennett
Lynn Vernon for Anne Campbell
Janet Van Swearingen for Tanya Lovin
Kim for Lara am only - Welcome Lara back on a temporary basis as she is resuming her full-time role to begin the second quarter.

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