Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

I am at an Elementary Principals meeting this morning and will arrive back on campus after lunch.

Thanks for a productive SIT meeting on Wednesday. We are still leaving the TEAM sign-up sheets open until Friday. Tanya and a SIT subcommittee will "tweak" the lists on Monday to reflect the make-up of our school and requirements of each TEAM. We want to welcome all classified employees to sign up and use "Flex-Time" to be a part of this important process. All Certified personnel will be assigned to a TEAM so please sign-up so we can see what your choice is before the "tweak."

I still have received little to no interest in supporting a Wake Forest Intern for 2 hours per week this fall. We need to be supportive and lead the next generation of educators. I will assign them on Friday, so help me make good choices through a e-mail or note in my door.

Mariela will have the sub list in the office. I hope you all have a Productive and engaging Morning. See you around Lunch-Time.

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