Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

There may be one re-test still happening today in an ESL mobile. Please be cognizant of the "Testing, Do Not Disturb" signs.

Continue to provide great opportunities for learning in all areas of the school. Our students have a desire for engagement, and only you can provide the framework to "hook" them into new learning. This continuous learning model will dispel most discipline concerns and give all of us a sense of accomplishment and closure to an outstanding year.

I e-mailed a End-of-Year Schedule that will outline some of the activities and time frames that will keep us engaged over the next several days. I have started meeting with teachers about placements for next year and will continue today. We begin our search for new staff today with some interviews for an opening in 5th grade.

This morning, YEARBOOKS will be distributed to teachers for inclusion in the Tuesday Packet. The PTA will offer the remainder of the books for $15, CASH ONLY, before and after school on Wednesday. Many thanks to Kit Browning for all of her hard work in making this happen. We pre-sold close to 200 books and have over 50 extras to sell.

New Staff Dinner will be a BLAST! Please let Andy know what you are bringing and come on out for a relaxing time to socialize before the summer break.

Sub today:
Rosemary for Wendy

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