Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Field Day MM

Good Morning!

It is going to be a GREAT day. This is often one of the best memories that our kids have of the school year. Today let's all do our best to Stay Positive and create an experience for our students that will cap off a phenomenal year.

Oh by the way, Joel is the MAN. His planning and effort have been excellent.

No staff meeting this afternoon. Instead, we will have a mini-meeting and ice cream celebration on Friday afternoon. This will allow us to socialize and celebrate all of your heroic efforts as a community.

The BIG news for Friday is a gift from the PTA of a catered Lunch from Mrs. Pumpkins. No need to bring a lunch as the PTA will once again show how much they appreciate our efforts.

Sub today:
Rosemary for Wendy.

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