Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday MM

Good Morning!

We had a great start to the testing week on both Friday and Monday. I was impressed with the level of professionalism shown by our staff as we followed the rules with an air of assurance that empowered our students to perform at their potential.

Please continue to keep the atmosphere positive and remember these few points:

1. Keep all students in the classroom at the conclusion of the test. The proctor will stay with them while the administrator secures the tests.

2. The adjusted specials/recess schedule only begins after the announcement that all testing is complete. On Monday that was 12:40, which left several classes without a scheduled time for recess or an abbreviated special. Please check with the office before choosing to make any adjustment to the schedule. We will accommodate all reasonable requests, but we also want to keep the playground areas safe.

3. Proctors and administrators who have mod groups need classroom assistance to get started a few minutes earlier today. We want all tests to begin by 8:40.

4. Get the tests checked out early as students will be in the classes by 7:50

On the PTA Spring Fling Front - we will continue to sell and accept raffle tickets during the Lunch hour. The drawings will be later this week on Brunson Live.

5th Grade Celebration meeting will be at 3:15 in the Media Center. We expect all grade level teachers to be in attendance along with as many specialists as possible.

Sub today:
Stephanie for Linnea pm only

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