Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday MM

Welcome to EOG week!

Remember that we are on a modified schedule for lunch and specials to accommodate all our 3rd-5th grade students who are taking the EOG.

The testing atmosphere must remain quiet. Andy, Karon and I will monitor the halls and help create a sense of calm and confidence. When all tests have been returned to Karon on the stage, we will make an all-call to open up the specials schedule and the opportunities for Outside activities. The Lunch and Specials schedules have been delivered and are on the board by the sign-in.

On the calendar I have posted some meeting dates for the End-of-Year celebrations and awards. Please make plans to attend the meeting that pertains to your grade level. We have a faculty meeting on Wednesday with a survey on Organizational learning. 3rd-5th grade EOG results and remediation planning will take place on Friday afternoon. Please make plans to attend the grade level specific meetings;

3rd HAG 1:00-1:15 on the stage
5th HAG 1:15-1:30 on the stage
4th HAG 1:30-1:45 on the stage
5th REG 1:45-2:00 on the stage
3rd REG 2:00-2:15 on the stage
4th REG 2:15-2:30 on the stage

Congrats to Janet Gauss for winning the last prize as a contributor to the UNCF. Vernola wishes to thank the entire Brunson staff for their contributions and generosity.

Subs Today:
Stephanie for Linnea pm only
Cameron for Carol

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