Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday MM

Good Morning!

We have a Prospective HAG tour today at 12:30. We will begin in Mrs. Campbell's room.

Next week is our abbreviated Spring Break. The building will be open for business on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday yet these days are just like summer vacation days. We encourage you to relax and prepare for the home stretch. If you need to come into the building on those days please stop by the office first and check in with Mariela as Edwin, Laverne and Raymond will be working on floors and other custodial concerns. If you have a pressing cleaning need that has not been addressed, please let me know before Tuesday.

Lots of subs Today.
Kim Dishner for Brie DuCamp
Lynn Boyles for Lara Overby
Priscilla Barringer for Lisa Weber
Cameron Weaver for Betty Jo Moore
Nicole Robinson For Elizabeth Lamphear
Linda Mathers for Betty Ferguson
John Brim for Nicki Fusco
No sub for Linda Transou PM only
No sub for Mariela Velez AM only

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